Artist's Statement

My work is about a process of creation that is influenced by an interest in oneness, the material and spiritual as one; time, the experience of natural flow; and the importance of personal experience. Each piece is unique, but bound to the whole body of work through time, representing the solidarity of life that is best understood through a variety of personal experiences. I believe that the best art is derived from the truth that comes from being open to the natural flow of life, not from a combination of a limited perspective and forced repetition.

The conceptual basis of my work was incited by the need to understand how the vastness of things that we experience and encounter are not separate, individual events, but parts of a whole. The concepts are grounded through research, primarily of Eastern Philosophy, yet the limited understanding offered by logic places importance on personal experience and compels a process that begins intellectually to relinquish and become intuitive. I create works starting from automatic drawings in my journal and/or a response to a material. Material is important not only for the look it creates, but also for the feel of it and the associations it contains. The response to a material may lead me to hand-sew journal drawings on pocket size squares of denim, to grind leaves gathered from my mother's backyard, or to painfully knit twine.

Like Joseph Beuys, I am interested in the unity of all things, material and spiritual. I work with ideas that relate to the work of John Cage. The belief in natural flow relates to his Ryoanji Drawings in which he uses the I Ching to select, place, and trace stones. The I Ching expresses the universal forces active at a moment in time: the forces behind an action or event. The shifting of these forces causes a natural flow. It is this flow that guides my work and evokes the constant changing of media (each inclusive of a unique way of seeing and experiencing), reflecting the perpetual shifting of perspective that is indicative of movement through time. Another way in which this flow is expressed is through the use of line, which is a key element in my work. It's use, like in the work of Otto Zitko, references time and process, and also brings together two different dimensions, the psychological or spiritual dimension and a physical/material space, representing the unity of a multi-dimensional reality. My work is about the oneness of life as experienced through time.